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CAA Mission Statement

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is a global network that unites you with a diverse community of over 320,000 leaders and creators, bound together by our shared University connection and our collective passion, intellect, and drive. United, we are creating meaningful change for our University and around the world. The CAA offers a professional network, a social circle, a sustaining link to Columbia’s schools and faculty, a repository of resources, a source of intellectual inspiration, and a lifelong connection to an unparalleled academic institution. Through over 100 regional clubs and shared interest groups and diverse digital programs, you have the opportunity to engage with the people, places, and issues that challenge you and move you to action. 


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CAA Board

The CAA Board is the governing body of the University-wide Columbia Alumni Association (CAA); all alumni are officially members of the CAA. The CAA Board seeks to keep alumni connected to and with the University at large and also the constituent Schools. A number of trustees serve on the board, with the current chair being Brian C. Krisberg '81CC, '84LAW. At the present time there is representation from each of the Schools serving on the Board. There are term limits and a rotation process to guarantee a good cross section of alumni leaders at all times.  Meet the CAA Board


CAA Chair

CAA Chair

Brian Krisberg '81CC '84LAW has a long history of volunteerism at Columbia--most recently having served alongside Trustee A'Lelia Bundles '76JRN as Vice Chair of the CAA. Along with Bundles, he co-chaired both the Presidential Task Force on Alumni Relations and the CAA Strategic Planning Committee. Krisberg is also a member of the Columbia College Board of Visitors, Chair Emeritus of the Columbia College Alumni Association and a recipient of both the John Jay Award for Professional Achievement and the Alumni Medal. Among Brian's priorities during his tenure as CAA Chair are: partnership with the Schools, Volunteer Development, broad-based engagement strategies, and the theme of University Citizenship. Brian follows Trustee Emeritus George Van Amson '74CC as the fourth chair of the University-wide alumni association.

CAA Chair

CAA Committees

Committees provide the infrastructure to support CAA alumni leaders and clubs with the resources needed to engage with Columbians around the world. There are CAA committees that address Assembly Planning, Associations and Clubs, Communications and Information, Programs, Honors and Prizes, and Recent Alumni and Student Relations. Learn more.

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Future Growth

The CAA Strategic Plan reflects an ambitious effort to map out concrete steps toward better serving all alumni of Columbia University over the next five years (Fiscal Years 2014-2018). The Plan translates into action steps and leverages the vision set out in the June 2012 report by the CAA 2017 Presidential Task Force and integrates the considerations and priorities of the strategic plans developed by partner units, specifically: CCAA, Communications and Marketing, Operations and New Heights. It is a plan that takes careful account of the University’s structure and relationships with its Schools. Within a University comprised of many Schools and units, striking the right balance between the whole and its parts is crucial. We look to foster a vibrant central University alumni effort, that brings together alumni across the Schools to collaborate, network, and share ideas and goals; and at the same time we look to cultivate and enhance School-based alumni efforts that celebrate and promote what makes each of Columbia’s Schools so distinctive.