• The Ivy League selected Columbia Hall of Famers Jonathan Schiller '69CC, '73LAW and Judie Lomax '10BC as Legends of Ivy League Basketball. The league recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to -- and left a lasting impact on -- their respective basketball programs and universities. Read more.

  • "I was fortunate to come [to Lamont] when there were some amazing other women beginning the program and finishing the program. Women...who were running major field programs around the world, sending satellites to Europa and to spin around comets. It was that cadre of remarkable, smart women who really helped me through my education here." In honor of Women's History Month, read the rest of Robin Bell's story and more stories on ColumbiaYou.

  • Robert Young, a distinguished humanities scholar and author who specializes in the history of post-colonialism, spoke about migration at the Columbia Global Center in Amman. He applied his knowledge to the tragic case of German philosopher Walter Benjamin, drawing parallels between his quest for asylum and today's refugee and immigration issues. Listen to his lecture on The Low Down.

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