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  • You may know Columbia's lion--a theme seen around campus and the emblem of the athletics community--has long been a part of who we are, but you may not know alumni played pivotal roles in its adoption. Here are facts you may not know about Columbia's king of the jungle, and the alumni who crowned him.

  • Kick off the summer with a great read from the Columbia Alumni Bookshelf. From informative books to help you study ahead of the 2016 election, to guides on cooking and history, check out the can't-miss reads from this special selection. Happy reading!

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  • When The New York Times and Columbia meet, there are a number of interesting things to discover. Two of the most notable institutions residing in NYC, the Times and Columbia are linked together through the movement of people and the incredible ideas that they carry. Of the individuals who make this connection a reality, a number hail from the Columbia alumni community.

  • When you hear "jazz at Columbia" it's impossible not to think of GSAS alumnus Christopher Washburne, associate professor of Music and the Director of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance program at Columbia. Listen to The Low Down to hear him explore the creative process of jazz and delve into how it can help in the workplace.

  • Every year, the CAA recognizes alumni for service of 10 years or more to the University—including its schools, alumni associations, regional Columbia Clubs, and University-wide initiatives. The Medal is the highest honor bestowed to alumni by the University. Meet this year's recipients.