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Columbia’s Literary Lions—a cadre of extraordinary fiction and nonfiction writers who also teach undergraduates and graduate students the art and mechanics of writing—talk about the art and craft of writing and of teaching. Read more.

Talk about launching your career: In November, NASA astronaut Timothy Kopra ’13BUS will blast off from Earth in a Russian space rocket and hurtle 220 miles through the cosmos to the International Space Station, where he will live for six months. Read more

Alumni Notes

General: Steven Shongut

 Steven Shongut (Columbia College, 1982) writes, "My father, Richard Shongut CC '40, passed away on Feb. 25th 2014 at the age of 94.

Among his personal effects were some pictures that he took of (2) of his favorite professors. The attached scanned images are of Professor John R Dunning, Columbia Physics Dept. and Professor B.I. Kinne, Columbia French Dept. Professor Dunning top and Professor Kinne Bottom. These photos were taken circa 1938.

Apr 19, 2015