Cooper, Rochelle '84BC, '89TC

My mission is to build Senior Global Leader strength by ensuring that leaders develop the critical skills they need to meet requirements at each successive level. I enable Executives to successfully create strong teams that maximize their performance and enhance the organizational culture to best meet the dynamic business needs. I have coached over 1200 senior leaders and trained over 2500 executives and managers globally and hold an excellent track record in empowering leaders to reach their goals by either jumpstarting leader success in new roles, building leadership potential for advancement or developing critical skills to master a current role. Topics I often focus on are Building Key Alliances and Strategy, Communications, Executive Presence, Influence, Leadership style and Motivating others, Time Management, Change Management and Conflict Resolution. Rochelle runs programs for highly talented women leaders to help propel them to the most senior levels of the organization through individual and peer coaching programs.


New York, NY
United States
Phone: 516-538-4504