Dorsey, Audrey '85BUS

I’m an executive coach who provides corporate leaders with a sounding board, facilitates deeper self-awareness of leadership style and behaviors, and helps clients to take on even greater challenges. I work with executives, newly promoted managers, managers who are new to a company, and managers trying to figure out their next career move.

My focus is on the issues inherent in managing people: having tough conversations, navigating change, political savvy, dealing with conflict, self-promotion, leading teams, forming and maintaining productive relationships up/across/down the organizational chart, strategic thinking, communicating effectively, and time management.

Clients begin by telling me what they want, which is usually more or less of what they currently have. Then, I help them get clear about their current situation (or starting point), put together an action plan to achieve their goals, and help infuse the structure, strategies, and to help them be successful.

My background includes authoring a book of ‘insider secrets’ from my experience as an executive coach- The VITAL Core of Successful Leaders: What These Leaders Know And Do, speaking at national conferences, strategy consulting, and teaching Organization Development and Marketing at the graduate level. I am a professional speaker and have been featured on NBC’s Today Show four times.


Atlanta , GA
United States
Phone: 404-259-7586