Bova, Rosemary A. '71SW

Rosemary Bova has 25 years experience as an executive/career coach and an organization design and development consultant. Her clients include executives in Fortune 500 companies, not for profit organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals. She is equally comfortable interviewing people in C Suite roles as she is talking to those on the shop floor. Bova is a possibility thinker, an expert listener and organization and career strategist.

Her company Bova Enterprises, Inc. Building Engaged Organizations (BEI) specializes in corporate human systems development...accountable managerial leadership, team development and individual career strategy formulation. BEI’s guiding principle is: Increased profitability cannot be sustained without the release of human imagination and creativity, which in turn is supported by the right structure for the business, accountable management systems, actions and behaviors. Our work focuses on assisting corporate leaders to implement business and/or market-driven changes, while at the same time remaining sensitive to individual and work group needs. By collaborating with senior executives and entrepreneurs to design or modify their organization’s structure and expand their repertoire of behaviors Bova Enterprises is a catalyst for increased profitability, enhanced performance and productivity.

She has presented to international audiences in Europe and Canada and is regularly invited to speak in the US, particularly the tri-state area.

Bova has written more than 50 blogs on building engaged organizations at BEI. Most recently she has been focusing on what Fast Company Magazine has termed Generation Flux.

Rosemary received a Masters Degree from CUSSW and completed the Organization and Systems Development Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. She is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. She participated in a 5 year Action Research Project on the Development of Leadership and Authority in an All Female Group, and completed a yearlong program in Feminine Power Mastery.


New York, NY
United States
United States
Phone: 212-685-0870