McKiernan, Robert E. '73BUS

With over 15 years of providing career advisory services exclusively and with a unique blend of career management, human resources and marketing credentials, Bob is dedicated to and has a demonstrated record of assisting his clients gain greater satisfaction and control over their own professional lives.

Prior to establishing his own career management consulting firm, Bob has held leadership positions across diverse industries and in Career Management Consulting, Strategic Human Resource Management and Marketing/Sales for such organizations as the American International Group, The American Stock Exchange and Baxter International.

He has been also retained by nationally recognized career management firms to consult with individuals as well as organizations regarding their Career Transition, Career Management and Change Management needs.

In addition to serving as executive coach addressing career development issues, Bob’s broad based credentials enable him to create complete but tailored job search campaigns for his clients who either want to remain within their discipline/industry as well as those desiring some type of career change including entrepreneurial ventures.

On the list of recommended career/executive coaches by the Columbia Business School, Bob serves as a regular speaker addressing a wide variety of career-related issues and at diverse professional organizations including IvyLife and Columbia’s Center for Career Services.

As a certified member of the International Association of Career Management Professionals, Bob holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Villanova University and received his M.B.A. from Columbia University.

An initial free consultation is offered to qualified candidates seriously interested in engaging in career adviser services.


New York, NY
United States