Horwitz, Eric '90CC

Eric Horwitz is a life and career coach with seven years’ experience coaching corporate executives and entrepreneurs to personal and professional success. His focus is helping executives design a career and life plan that maximizes their strengths and identifies areas for personal and professional improvement. Once identified, the improvements are put into action and a sustainable lifestyle is maintained. His personal mission is to inspire himself and empower the willing with truth and compassion to achieve the best of what is possible.

Eric worked as a Senior Executive in the Human Resource Consulting practice of PriceWaterHouseCoopers for twelve years. He attended Coach University and received his coaching degree in 2007.

On a personal note you may have bought a sandwich from him at the Hartley Kosher Deli as a member of the Columbia Student Enterprises. Sorry if you had to wait too long for a knish, it was finals week, and it was difficult to find good help.


New York, NY
United States