Past Event

Greece: Columbia Outreach Day 2017

April 8, 2017
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Every year, Columbians throughout the world, gather to lend a helping hand during the University’s largest day of community service. This year, in accordance with our members’ wishes as expressed during our pita event, we are going to volunteer at a refugee camp. We have chosen Ritsona Hospitality Camp, which is located just 30 minutes away from the Northern Athenian suburbs (less than an hour from Athens center). Ritsona is an open-gate refugee camp that hosts 712 Syrian refugees, 287 of which are children. In cooperation with one of the NGOs operating in the camp, Echo100plus, we have made arrangements to assist them in sorting out clothes and/or hygiene products and in distributing food at lunch time. If we are up to it, we have been asked to join the refugees in a game of football. We will gather at the camp entrance at 11.15 am to enter all together at 11.30 am, on Saturday April 8th. Please use this pin for exact location. You may also see the map in the camp’s Facebook page by looking it up as “Ritsona Refugee Camp”. In addition, we are also doing a fundraising effort in order to make a tiny contribution in essential goods to the 160 refugee housing units. Whether you can join us on that day or not, please help us by depositing a small amount of money to the Club account, stating (your name if you wish), and “RITSONA” as a reason. Your help will be highly appreciated!

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