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Delhi: Purana Qila Heritage Walk

March 4, 2017
11:00 AM
he Purana Quila Complex (6th Delhi) including Khair-ul Manazil Mosque built by Maham Anga, Sher Shah Gate, one of the gates used to enter the 6th city of Delhi, remains of a medieval bazaar flanking the road. Inside the Purana Qila the places worth seeing include the Sher Mandal, an octagonal structure used by Humayun as his library. A beautiful mosque, Masjid Qila-e-Kuhna, commissioned by Sher Shah Suri, The Hammam and a museum that exhibits artifacts excavated from within the fort and dating between 3rd century BCE to the 18th Century CE are other places that we would visit during our walk. Sohail Hashmi is famous for taking Heritage Walks in and around Delhi. He is known for his documentary films (Pioneers of Women’s education, lesser known freedom fighters, marginalized women and literacy, etc.), conducting heritage walks and writing about Delhi, its languages, food and monuments. He also writes and blogs irregularly on Issues of culture, language, education & communalism. Venue: Main gate of National Zoological Park, New Delhi

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