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CAADFW | Gail Ball is Coming to Dallas

March 27, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Wharton Alumna Gail Gilbert Ball is the Founder and Managing Partner of Chestnut Street Ventures. Chestnut Street Ventures is a University of Pennsylvania private, for-profit alumni venture fund that invests in Penn alum-led companies. Gail will give an insider’s perspective of the alternative assets sector trends —angel, VC, and PE investing—and where her fund fits. Additionally, she will also explain how she sources deals (including from 10 sister alumni funds), and what she sees ahead for her organization and the sector. Each sister fund represents a similar fund alignment with a different prestigious university. They are: Green D Ventures (Dartmouth), Yard Ventures (Harvard), Blue Ivy Ventures (Yale), Castor Ventures (MIT), Purple Arch Ventures (Northwestern), Bascom Ventures (U Wisconsin), Farm Ventures (Stanford), Strawberry Creek Ventures (Berkeley), and soon two more representing Columbia and Cornell.

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