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CAA Palm Beach | Polo Brunch

March 11, 2018
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The Board of the Columbia Club of the Palm Beaches is pleased to announce our event of the season - the annual meeting and Polo Brunch! This will be our fourth Annual event at the Wellington International Polo Club, and the event has been uniformly well received by our guests. Most consider the event to be the highlight of the club year, and we draw fellow Alumni from all of Florida! In this spirit of inclusion, we would like to expressly invite ALL Columbians and their guests to attend. To remind you, or if you haven't been, the event begins with a brief Annual Meeting, wherein the business of the club is performed. We have many new board members this year, and we invite you to come meet them! Then, the brunch commences. For those of you who have gone before, you know this brunch is simply - well, over the top. Included in the price of your entrance are three libations - two drink tickets for a beverage of your choice, and the traditional champagne toast during the stomping of the divots.

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