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CAA Hong Kong | Morningside Salon - Michael Schuman

November 19, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

CUAAHK would like to cordially invite you to our next Morningside Salon discussion with Mr. Michael Schuman, '92SIPA, for his insights into the geopolitical future of US/China relations - both an opportunity and a threat to the new administration in Washington - whose outcome will profoundly shape our own history.

Viewed from the perspective of multiple millennia of human history, China’s current trajectory to the world’s top economies is not an aberration, but a restoration, a return to the norm.  In contrast, the dominance of the West has only been a relatively recent phenomenon from a mere 200 years ago. Today, the US and its allies view China’s ascent as a product of foreign policy errors and miscalculations, producing a dangerous adversary that is a threat to the world order, and to democracy itself.

What kind of superpower will China be? Benign but passive, based on the principles of Confucian benevolence, or assertively expanding their sphere of influence, culturally and economically, even resorting to coercion and force if necessary?  Which particular values have endured the test of time, and best serve as a crystal ball to forecast China’s objectives and policies in today’s global economic and political world order?

How can the US (and the rest of the world) learn from China’s history and values to adopt a more evolved and nuanced approach to diplomacy, so that a mutually beneficial outcome can be reached?

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