Past Event

CAA Hong Kong | Career Talk Series – Career Transitions Roundtable

July 8, 2021
6:45 PM - 9:00 PM

CUAAHK would like to invite you to an informal roundtable discussion on Career Transitions. Led by moderators, participants can share their thoughts and experiences in terms of moving from one industry to another, from corporate roles to start-ups, or starting a second or third career.   

Some of the topics that we plan to explore together include:

  • What motivates someone to make a career transition
  • The information and resources available to help you make a transition
  • Dealing with the challenges of a career transition
  • Aligning transitions to your overall life objectives

The session will be moderated by Sherman Chin and Wendy Lee, who both have extensive experience with career developments and changes. They will share their observations on the elements of more successful transitions. Participants will include individuals who have recently changed fields.

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CAA Global and Diversity Engagement