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CAA France | Brazil Today

February 6, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cross-center discussion about the current state of society, politics and economics in Brazil with Maria Paula Carvalho ('13 JRN), journalist and author of Brazil: The Reconstruction, and Rio Center Director Thomas J. Trebat. About the book: Brazil: The Reconstruction is a political study focused on the fight against corruption, engaging with relevant aspects of the economy and eventually offering recommendations for Brazil to take its rightful place in a globalized world. More than a technocratic compilation of data and opinions, this book constitutes a synthesis of the main issues to which she has been dedicating her work as journalist and researcher, using interviews and historical contextualization to present a general picture of Brazil’s situation in the current moment. This inquiry engages with important theoretical issues that have a broader relevance in emerging countries, such as: unanticipated economic crisis, the impact of corruption on development, the relationship between the fatalistic behavior of the population and political unrest, the role of the press in democracy, and the reorganization of the state machine to seek efficiency in the public sector. Written in the contemporary context of unrest, the book seeks to understand which Brazil will triumph from the current troubles. In other words, who will reap the fruits of Brazil's much celebrated motto “Order and Progress”? Will it be the corrupt and inefficient political class, or the organic population in its entire social, economic, and ethnic diversity?

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