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CAA DC | Iran at 1400: The case for a new century of hope

March 17, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Prof. Kian Tajbakhsh, '93GSAPP, '93GSAS

Sr. Advisor to the EVP, Columbia Global Centers, Columbia University Office of the President

Prof. Djavad Salehi‐Isfahani, Harvard'74,'77 

Professor of Economics, Virginia Tech, Sr. Fellow Brookings Institution

Host: Nazila Fathi

Exactly a century ago in 1921, a coup d'état In Iran brought Reza Khan and eventually the Pahlavi dynasty into power. The ensuing century witnessed a dizzying interplay of nationalism, populism, and religion in what culminated in the Revolution of 1979 and ushered the new system of the government. Sizable Middleclass, strong national pride, and a reasonably good education system should have naturally instituted stronger bonds with western democracies, but the ancient world's passions and prejudices authored a far less auspicious course of history. The short-sighted and transactional policies of the west particularly the US did not help either.

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