Past Event

CAA DC | Editing Reproduction

April 22, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

CRISPR and preventing heritable diseases

Dietrich Egli 

PhD, Molecular Biology, University of Zurich,

Maimonides Assistant Professor of Developmental Cell Biology, Columbia University

Samuel H. Sternberg

BA, Biochemistry, Columbia University; PhD, Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Columbia University

Host: Dr. Frances Onyimba, '12VPS

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine

The genome we are endowed with at conception determines much of our health as an adult. Most human diseases have a heritable component and thus it may be possible to prevent them through heritable genome editing. Preventing disease from the beginning of life, and before irreversible damage occurs is just one of the many transformative opportunities of CRISPR/Cas systems. The ability to target an enzymatic activity to a precise location of the genome is already transforming science and is also poised to change medicine in many ways.

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