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CAA Chicago | History of Chicago: Gospel Music and a New Sacred Order

September 30, 2020
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Join Dr. Chris Stacey for our "Topics in Chicago History" virtual lecture and discussion series on Zoom. This lecture is open to all members of the Columbia alumni community and their family and friends. Topic Preview: The emergence of the sanctified church among “New Settler” migrants led to the development of a storefront church culture in the Black Metropolis. In the 1930s, Thomas Dorsey and Theodore Fyre organized the first gospel chorus at Ebenezer Baptist Church. A populist movement emerged where New Settler migrants expressed their personal frustration with the class-preoccupied status quo of everyday life. Topics Covered: Religious Practices in Mainline Protestant Churches, Early Influences on the Creation of Gospel Music, The Rise of a Sacred Culture in Race Records and Radio, The Sanctified Church, The Emergence of Gospel Music in the 1930s

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