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CAA Chicago | History of Chicago: The Golden Age of Gospel Music - 1940-1970

November 11, 2020
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Join Dr. Chris Stacey for a presentation on Chicago's Golden Age of Gospel Music. This presentation covers the careers of Mahalia Jackson, The Soul Stirrers, Roberta Martin, Thomas Dorsey, Roberta Tharpe and a range of other artists and groups who were responsible for bringing gospel music into the musical mainstream. We will look at the role of innovative churches such as the First Church of Deliverance, technological breakthroughs like the Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker, and the ways Chicago's African Americans took control over the composition, production, and distribution of gospel music. Post-WWII gospel music became a significant genre in U.S. popular culture and we will examine how this influenced issues of race, representation, and the collective and individual responses by musical artists to the Black Freedom Struggle.

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