Waterways of Russia | August 2 – 13, 2019

Between these two grand cultural capitals lies a countryside seemingly untouched by the modern age. Golden-domed churches rise up from the early morning mist, quaint wooden villages and old-world farms dot the verdant landscape, and the gentle light of lingering summer evenings gives an otherworldly aura to the banks of Russia’s great “blue road” of inland waterways.

Explore the preeminent artistic, historical, and architectural treasures of classical Russian culture and several “Golden Ring” cities. Visit splendid St. Petersburg—Russia’s “window on the West” and its cultural capital—the majestic legacy of the most visionary of czars, Peter the Great. From St. Petersburg, cruise through the heart of Russia, where daily life unfolds at the steady, measured pace it has kept for generations. Here, villagers still dwell in traditional wooden cottages and preserve the old-world, time-honored customs of their ancestors, while spectacular onion-domed churches and fortified monasteries testify to the abiding faith of the Russian people. Conclude your cruise with two nights aboard ship in the fabled city of Moscow, the political and commercial capital of the world’s largest country.   

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