Symphony on the Blue Danube | September 16 – 25, 2019

The Danube River and the resplendent cultural centers of Prague and Vienna inspired classical music's Great Masters. Join alumni and friends from September 16 - 25, 2019, for this comprehensive itinerary showcasing five countries in the heartland of central Europe. Discover a visual symphony of both natural and man-made architecture-rolling hillsides and lush vineyards in concert with medieval cities and stone castles-encapsulating what centuries of artists and travelers have found so inspiring and resonant.

Our itinerary features private performances of the musical heritage of Europe's most accomplished composers, including Mozart and Beethoven. Explore six UNESCO World Heritage sites, experience historically rich and culturally dynamic legacies and contextualize the West's art and architectural masterpieces. Enjoy three nights in Prague, the "City of a Thousand Spires," in a deluxe, centrally-located hotel before cruising the fabled Blue Danube from Passau, Germany, to Budapest, Hungary. Travel aboard the specially chartered AMADEUS QUEEN-a deluxe river ship with the ability to dock right in the heart of cities on our itinerary.

High notes will include a distinctive schedule of specially arranged expert lectures, private classical music performances, guided excursions in Prague and in each port of call along the Danube River, and an overnight stay in the fin de siècle grandeur of Vienna, Austria's extraordinary capital.