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The Columbia Alumni Association offers alumni free, Web-based e-mail (UNI and password required) that includes a Customizable name with no forwarding required.

Maintain a Web-based e-mail address and stay connected! 

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This service is provided through a partnership between the Columbia Alumni Association and Google and your account will have all the features of Gmail, including relevant advertising displayed near your inbox. Read more about Google's policies at Google Help. Read more about the CAA's e-mail services in our E-mail FAQs.

Recent Graduates

If you are currently using LionMail, your e-mail service will remain uninterrupted at this address. For LionMail help, please contact the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-1919, or (You can still set up e-mail forwarding or create a CAA alumni e-mail account.)

If you were not using LionMail as a student, CAA alumni e-mail services will be available to you about ninety days after graduation.

Please note that we cannot provide alumni online access to certificate holders, alumni of affiliate schools, current students, faculty, or staff. Affiliate school services can be found on the CUIT Web site.

Additionally, post-doctoral programs, residencies, and fellowships are considered employment, and therefore ineligible for alumni online services, including alumni e-mail.

Have a question? 

Check out alumni e-mail FAQs.

Visit the Gmail Help Center for technical support (NB: the Columbia Alumni Association does not provide technical support for Gmail). 

Having trouble accessing CAA online services on your browser? Try clearing your browser cache. Here's some instructions on how to do this in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

E-mail Forwarding

Columbia still offers e-mail forwarding, which allows you to maintain an address of no matter what internet service provider you use.

Terms and Conditions

Users of CAA-provided e-mail benefits (e-mail forwarding and alumni e-mail accounts) must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the AlumniConnections Community (Alumni UNI and password required. Don't have a UNI password? Get help here.) and University Policies. Misuse of alumni e-mail accounts is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be in violation shall have their privileges revoked.

Examples of misuse include using CAA e-mail to:

  1. send unwanted communications or commercial electronic mail (i.e. spam) per CAN-SPAM policies
  2. engage in illegal or unethical activities
  3. harass, demean, or threaten others
  4. violate the privacy policies or data integrity of Columbia University