The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) has partnered with Convergence, Inc. to provide Columbia alumni with a research tool that allows you to search all registered SEC investment managers by name, geography, investment strategy, and assets under management.

What is Convergence?

While not a job board, Convergence can help you identify over 16,000 asset management firms and service providers employing over 1 million people across the country, plus data points that can differentiate your preparation for internships, full time opportunities, and networking with those firms.

In short, Convergence provides:

  • The ability to research the entire alternative Registered Investment Advisor universe
  • Easy identification of firms and contacts for networking and career opportunities
  • Access to distinct facts about firms and potential insight to help prepare for an interview
  • A level of transparency not available through company websites and general research

Access to Convergence is free for Columbia alumni with UNI/password access. You may also choose to purchase additional reports for a fee - although Columbia alumni do receive a discount.

How can Columbia alumni optimize this resource?

Use it as a jump-off point to research, network, and to prepare for an internship or job interview with differentiated knowledge into the asset management industry and firm you’re applying to. After identifying a firm or opportunity you’re interested in pursuing, you can further connect and leverage the Columbia alumni network by visiting the new Columbia Alumni Community or the CAA LinkedIn group to find and reach out to alumni who have a connection or previous experience with the firm you’re interested in learning more about.

But I didn’t study business. Is this still relevant to me?

The asset management industry offers over 50 distinct jobs available to all types of majors across professional fields (including human resources, accounting, marketing, sales, operations management, technology, and legal). You may already be interested in applying for a job within the industry, or may consider further researching opportunities after identifying and evaluating a local firm through the search tool.

Click here to access Convergence

View the latest Convergence Alternative Asset Management Industry 2016 State Of The Union report.