The Networking Hour

Virtual Networking

The Networking Hour is a series of monthly, hour-long events, designed to connect students and alumni with fellow alumni professionals interested in finding collaborators, building a professional network, sharing resources, exchanging career tips, and so much more.

Registering for an event only takes a couple of minutes and you can even register through LinkedIn to speed up the process. When the event starts, you’ll login and enter a virtual “lobby” that houses several “booths” or areas/industries for discussion. For example, in an upcoming event the following industries will be featured as booths: business & finance, entrepreneurs & start-ups, marketing & public relations, and media & entertainment. You are not limited to chatting with alumni from only one booth. Over the course of the event, you can freely enter and exit any booth you choose.

In the span of an hour, you will be randomly matched with a fellow participant in your chosen booth and have the opportunity to chat with them for a set amount of time (typically eight minutes). In that time, you can exchange resumes, swap tips, and share experiences. When the chat ends, you will automatically be entered into a chat with someone new. By the end of the event, you will have connected with up to seven different people.  You’ll also be able to instantly view your connections and chat transcripts, allowing you to focus less on taking notes and more on building your network.

At a typical in-person networking event, you might be able to build one or two meaningful connections over the course of an hour – if you’re lucky. You often end up spending a large amount of your time conversing with professionals who, although engaging and accomplished, may not necessarily have the industry experience you are looking for. The Virtual Networking Hour helps you connect with alumni professionals from anywhere in the world - at the tip of your fingers. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you can sign in and participate from your home, office, coffee shop, or mobile device.

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