Current Year (2017-2018) – Surveys and Results:

February 2018: Data and Society

This survey focused the Columbia commitment to leadership in data science. The innovations we derive from data science will drive our cars, treat disease, and keep us safe. Columbia is committed to the idea of using data for good—pursuing interdisciplinary discovery and tackling society’s grand challenges while ensuring the responsible and ethical use of data.

Below are a few highlights of the survey results:

  • Level of Interest in Columbia’s Commitment to Data and Society
  • Data Application Areas Most Interested in Learning More About
    • 64% are most concerned about the ethical use of data
    • Medicine and public policy/health close behind at 56% each
  • Effects of Data Science in Daily Life
    • 80% of respondents notice the effects of data science most in their web browsing behaviors
    • 68% notice effects in e-commerce (74% for alumni < age 40).  
    • 56% noticed effects in social media  (73% for alumni < age 40).  
    • 63% alumni over age 60 experienced data the most “at the doctor/hospitals." (38% for alumni < age 40)
  • Concern Over Personal Information Being Tracked
    • 67% say that they are concerned by the prospect of having more of their personal information being publicly tracked
      • Alumni aged 60-69 are the most concerned age group (72%). 
      • Female alumnae were more concerned than male alums (71% vs. 63%)
    • 27% are concerned but feel that the tech benefits outweigh their concerns.  
      • 32% of alumni < age 40 felt tech benefits outweigh their concerns.

December 2017: Columbia Trivia

Zuckerman Preview

Trivia Key Here!

November 2017: Zuckerman Institute

This survey focused on the work of Columbia University's Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute which, brings together world-class scientists and scholars to pursue the most urgent and exciting challenge of our time: understanding the brain and mind. Alumni feedback helped shape future programming and initiatives at The Zuckerman Institute. Click on the image below to learn more about some of the key results!

Zuckerman Preview

Stay tuned for more surveys and results!

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