2018 Columbians in Film | Columbia University Film Festival in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
DESCRIPTION For more than three decades, the Columbia University Film Festival has showcased the incredible work of Columbia University School of the Arts alumni and students. Don't miss the Columbia Alumni Association's (CAA) celebration of these filmmakers on June 14 in Los Angeles, which kicks off with an exclusive screening of this year's Jury Selects short films and is followed by a reception. Read on for a list of the talented Columbians behind these films. We look forward to seeing you at the event! Tail End of the Year Writer/Director: Chieh Yang '19SOA Curandera Writer/Director: Mauricio Rivera Hoffmann '18SOA Refuge Writer/Director: Federico Spiazzi '19SOA Co-Writer: Fernanda Frotté '17SOA Producer: Federica Belletti '18SOA Our Albertinia Writer/Director: Chantel Clark '19SOA Producer: Morgan Ackley '18SOA Baby Writer/Director: Thais Drassinower '18SOA Producer: Sasha John '17SOA Nice Talking to You Writer/Director: Saim Sadiq '20SOA Writer/Producer: Joseph Capotorto '18SOA This program is brought to you in partnership with CAA Arts Access and the School of the Arts.