CAA: Greece -Columbia Outreach Day 2018 at Lyreio Orphanage

Neos Voutzas, Greece
Every year, Columbians throughout the world, gather to lend a helping hand during the University’s largest day of community service. This year, in Greece we have chosen to support Lyreio Children’s Institution, located at 6, Drosias Street, Neos Voutzas, 19005 (close to Nea Makri, 40 minutes from the center of Athens). Use this pin for exact location. and this pin for more information on Lyreio Idryma Please join us, and help us put a smile on the faces of the 40 children – aged 16 months to young adulthood – housed at Lyreio Idryma and taken care of by the nuns serving the foundation. Lyreio representatives urge CAA members who have children to bring them along. We will gather at the Orphanage entrance at 11.30 am on Saturday, May 5th, and enter all together. What will we do? Arrive 11.30am. 11.45am to 1.30pm: Hold one or two separate discussions, with elementary school and high school kids, about different professions. We need volunteers to speak in simple terms for 3 - 5 minutes about their jobs, and then try to spark a conversation with the children. The idea is to try to inspire them, help them aspire to have a job and career one day. 1.30pm Treat them to lunch. Order pizzas, souvlakia, and juices, which is a real treat for them. (One of the children, will have her name day, try to make it festive) 2.30 to 4.30pm. Stay a bit longer and play games or discuss with the kids. Make donations to cover some of their important needs. You can make cash or in-kind contributions. Kindly note that any cash contributions will be used to purchase items they need or at least supermarket vouchers (δωροεπιταγες) as our Club’s policy is not to donate cash. Please refer to lists below, and if you can donate any of these items, or are willing to talk to the children about your job, please Primary Needs Refrigerated comestibles especially meats (minced meat, chicken), cheeses (esp for toast), refrigerated deserts (ex crema, yogurt with fruits) Vacuum cleaner TV (approx. 32’) for the girls’ quarters Pc / mac / tablet child-appropriate DVDs All latter things could be used as long as they are in good condition Secondary needs While Lyreio already holds a stock of the items below, we could also bring Clothes, especially baby and girls’ clothes New, different toys Balls, especially basketballs as they have a kind of basketball court/hoop Additional Important Need The orphanage is actively looking for a psychologist to volunteer his/her assistance and work with certain children to promote their wellbeing. Whether you can join us on that day or not, please help us by depositing a small amount of money to the Club account, stating (your name if you wish), and “Lyreion” as a reason. Your help will be highly appreciated! Bank: Alpha Bank Account holder: Σύλλογος Αποφοίτων Πανεπιστημίου Κολούμπια BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX IBAN: GR64 0140 1070 1070 0200 2008 945 We really hope you can join this group Columbian effort that takes place globally on that day. Please RSVP here to enable us to plan our visit better. This event is open to friends of our Association as well. We would love to have you on board! Columbia Alumni Club of Greece