CAA Hong Kong | Morningside Salon: Wellness and Nutrition

Hong Kong
CUAAHK would like to cordially invite you to our next “Morningside Salon” discussion with a panel of nutritional and wellness experts who will help you improve your health and wellness - to feel more energetic, look younger, lose excess weight, think more clearly, and sleep better! Together with moderator John Hsu (CBS alum), guests Dr. Penelope McDonnell (CBS alum, and Naturopathic Doctor) and Elizabeth Song (Nutritional Supplement Specialist) will answer your health and wellness questions, and provide unique advice insights into topics including: - Gut biome – its role in neurological and nutritional health - Diet – making the right choices, understanding what to avoid - Fat - debunking myths - Blood tests – deciphering and understanding what’s relevant - Nutritional supplements – the essentials