CAA SoCal | Lecture Series: "Conspicuous Consumption Is Over!"

Beverly Hills, CA
Columbia SoCal Alumni Lecture Series presents CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION IS OVER! Elizabeth Currid-Halkett '06GSAPP, Professor and James Irvine Chair in Urban and Regional Planning at USC, received her Ph.D. from Columbia. Her topic, “Conspicuous Consumption” has changed from the 19th century view of “silver spoons” in the baby’s mouth and fancy cars for the wealthy to today’s new elite. The “aspirational class” in the 21st century looks to Pilates, parenting, organic foods, breastfeeding and NPR totes as signals of the new social position, and is reclassified as “inconspicuous consumption.” The power of material goods as a symbol of wealth has diminished due to their accessibility. Culture is changing consumption in a post scarcity economy. Currid-Halkett’s new book, “THE SUM OF SMALL THINGS,” has received international acclaim, including the New York Times, Time, The Economist, and others. Simply put, the upper class establishes themselves not by material consumption as years ago, but by participating in practices that can easily be accessed by those who possess adequate finances and can make meaningful expenditures in an inconspicuous manner. Please join us on Tuesday, November 14, 6:30-9:00 pm at Roxbury Memorial Park in Beverly Hills. Light refreshments will be served. Parking is available in the lot and on the street. Tickets are $15.00 per person for members, and $20 for non-club members and must be purchased in advance through the club web site. Please note that tickets and books will not be sold at the event.