Food Drive to Support Dorothy Day

Fairfield, CT
WE INVITE YOU TO SIGN UP FOR A 2-HOUR SHIFT AND PARTICIPATE IN OUR 2nd ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE THAT SUPPORTS DOROTHY DAY HOSPITALITY HOUSE. In line with Columbia University’s commitment to making a difference in local communities through its alums, for many years our alums have contributed to our Fairfield County community. We ran a Food Drive early this year that supported OPERATION HOPE, a food bank serving over 105,000 families in the Fairfield town area. Our 2nd Annual Food Drive will support DOROTHY DAY HOSPITALITY HOUSE, another non-denominational charity organization who since 1982 uses donated food to feed sometimes over 100 hungry people per day in the Danbury area. Dorothy Day, in addition, shelters the homeless during the cold winter months.