Staying After School: 19 Students (for Real!) Have the Next What-if Word on Remarkable Fictional Teachers and Their Often Challenging Classes

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Author name: 
Robert Eidelberg
Class Year: 
Literary Criticism

Remarkable teachers. Challenging classes. What if! Like his So You Think You Might Like to Teach, educator Robert Eidelberg’s latest “next word” book, Staying After School, is about what goes into good instruction and true learning (and that “odd couple” relationship of teacher and student).

School’s out, but then it’s back in. And through a unique form and structure, Staying After School showcases more than a dozen school-set novels and films and the imaginative writing about them by nineteen of Eidelberg’s student collaborators.

Here is a class-act assortment of what-ifs by college students who figuratively stayed after school in their special course, “The Teacher and

Student in Literature,” to creatively extrapolate from the literary works of such school book authors as Bel Kaufman, Evan Hunter, E. R. Braithwaite,

Frances Gray Patton, and Leo Rosten, along with major film director Richard Brooks