CAA India: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA)

Delhi, India
The Columbia Alumni Association of India (CAAI) is excited to offer a curated walk of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art’s (KNMA) exhibition “Stretched Terrains”, from 3-5pm on 19 August. The walk will explain the curatorial intent of the exhibition, history of the artists/architects and their seminal and exhibited work followed by light refreshments and an interactive discussion. Stretched Terrains is a set of seven independent and interconnected exhibitions, which rewind, excavate and re-examine a set of enquiries around Indian ‘modernity’. This exhibition brings out the multiform tenors and textures of modernism in Indian art through exhibitions of M.F.Husain, F.N.Souza and S.H.Raza. On another axis it strings together works of contemporary artists Atul Dodiya, Mithu Sen, Pushpamala N and Navjot Altaf who critique as well as play with the modernist vocabulary of art. Parthiv Shah’s photographs of Husain and the films and documents from the Vision Exchange Workshop held in Bombay from 1969-1972 create an exciting interstitial space. The string continues with ‘Delhi: Building the Modern’ that addresses the architecture of modern India. It echoes the vision of hope that was embodied in Jawaharlal Nehru’s midnight address to the country, followed by the entire Nehruvian era thereafter. The exhibition includes models, structural and engineering drawings, photographs of five seminal architects Raj Rewal, Mahendra Raj, Kuldip Singh, Habib Rahman and Kanvinde, covering a period of two decades between 1960s and 80s.