Türk Dünyası Edebiyatları; Hikaye Çözümlemeleri

Author name: 
Orhan Soylemez
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Class Year: 
Literary Criticism

The Late Mehmet Kaplan in his book titled Cumhuriyet Devri Türk Şiiri says "... No nation's life follows a straight line. The line of history is curved. The differences between individuals, generations, and situations give birth to indignities and outbreaks." The Turkish world, on the other hand, lived in the 20th century for many years in its own line of history, even a century-old Soviet Union twisted on a day as prominent Kirgiz writer Cengiz Aytmatov expressed. Although World War II, which had devastated many lives, has yet to be properly dealt with in the literature. The Turkic world experienced a devastating, burning, and even destructive policy during the Soviet Union. This world experienced a degeneration, an enslavement, or a more fashionable word "mankurtizm." You will find all at these selected and criticised stories at hand. Of course, you will find what we have not seen, because we looked at the stories from our own perspectives.
Elçin (Efendiyev), who, while demonstrating contradictions in the society he lives in, has a fine romance and human feelings from the other side ... He says that "one of the missions of the literature is to protect the genetic memory" in his book Edebî Düşünceler (Literary Thoughts). For literature, he thinks it is like moon, sun, water, soil and air, and then he sees current literature as the product of the world's genetic memory.
The book in your hand contains sixteen stories of sixteen writers from the Turkic world. They are all like the genetic memory of the Turkic world and the genetic memory of the world and humanity.