Türk Dünyası Edebiyatları Şiir Çözümlemeleri (Analyses of Poetry from Turkic Worlk Literatures

Author name: 
Orhan Soylemez
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
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Research & Studies

What is poetry? This is one of the hardest questions to answer. Many definitions can be made. Perhaps the shortest definition of poetry comes from poet Gürkan Dogan.
Poetry is a filtered philosophy. Mehmet Kaplan, the late, describes the work of art including poetry ... as a 'work' and he says '... then it should be examined as a structure within themselves.'
On the other hand, many critics discuss whether there is a purpose like other art branches, poetry is for art or for society. For the Marxist poets, including well-known poet Nazim Hikmet, Mehmet Kaplan says that 'art is not a goal but a means.' ... Azerbaijanian outstanding writer Elcin indicates that 'One of the missions of literature is to protect the genetic memory.' Elçin continues to say that 'it is not possible to appreciate poetry only by recognizing the words.' "have to be inside poetry" he says. So that "There must be a genetic link between poetry and man."
In the poems we have carefully selected from Turkic literature, both the poem itself and the hidden things behind the words we tried to establish a genetic link. The book in your hand came out. Of course there are different types of reading, different perspectives and different perception, and formats can be found. All of these can bring different approaches to the poems than we have here. We only see what we see, we wrote what we could. We did the readings without distracting them from the poems. Abdurrahim Ötkür in his novel İz (The footprints) mentions that the footprints show that someone already passed by. We prepared this book by saying that at least we will leave our footprints in this field.