Seafoam Wavefollower and the Mysterious Ghost

Seafoam Wavefollower and the Mysterious Ghost.jpg
Author name: 
John Briley (Pen name Doc Briley)
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Class Year: 
Children’s Books
Young Adult

Fantasy for middle graders. Chapter book with color cover and b/w illustrations. The sperm whales, for safety from humans, have united into the Northern and Southern pods, Further, they have specialized certain areas like hunter/squid killers, large nursery pods guarded by fighter males, and navigator pods. Seafoam, a juvenile sperm whale, is in a navigator pod with his mom, Seabreeze and his father Squidcrusher, a direct descendant of a whale known to humans as "Moby Dick". Though he desperately wants to be a hunter/squid killer, he is so amazingly accurate in his mind-charting, partly because of his intense curiosity, that his skills demand that he stays where he is as a navigator. This causes friction between him and his dad. One day when mind-charting the SW coast of Maui he discovers and underground cave with fresh water flowing out of it. He explores the entrance, causes an avalanche, and gets stuck in an underground pool. He has to follow a treacherous underground driver to the other side of Maui if he is to rejoin his parents who, because of the "24 Hour Rule" will have to abandon him even if he miraculously should make it but be late. The ghost of an 11yo Hawaiian shoes up and offers to lead him out. But the human wary Seafoam senses something is very wrong. Thus begins the freak, with one danger piled upon the other.; Also on and I also am on Facebook.