IMMIGRANTS according to Anthony Valerio - volumes I & II

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Anthony Valerio
Columbia College
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Biography & Autobiography
Research & Studies

The immigrant’s path travels across time and space. Necessarily, it intersects with the lives of others, touching them, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes with more weight, but always in an affecting way. Anthony Valerio’s IMMIGRANTS include artists, artisans, some great, others not at all well-known. The immigrant is always both an individual and member of a mobile mass traversing the globe. This is why you will find multiple contributors here from different backgrounds and lands of origin. The great global and contemporary diaspora recalls others that have come before and this collection of portraits of immigrants includes migrations past and present that are loomed together in a great tapestry of stories. Like all great tapestries, not all the figures featured are human. That is why some of the immigrants are animals that have come to North America by way of many routes, some refugees of war. The lives brought together in IMMIGRANTS II have much to teach us of “humanity” in many forms. --Professor Ellen Nerenberg, Dean, Wesleyan University