The Ambassador's Wife

The Ambassador's Wife.jpg
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Jennifer Steil
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When bohemian artist Miranda bumps into British Ambassador Finn on a stroll through the stone streets of an ancient Islamic city, the course of her life alters in extraordinary ways. Suddenly she is hosting hostage negotiators, traveling by armored car, and confined to a vast residence she isn’t allowed to leave without a bodyguard. While she has the luxury to paint whenever she wants, a staff to wait on her, and a husband and daughter she adores, she has also lost both her freedom and the life she once shared with a group of Muslim women she has been secretly teaching to paint.

While hiking one sunny afternoon, she is kidnapped by mysterious armed men who demand no ransom. Struggling to save both his wife and his career while caring for the toddler Miranda left behind, Finn enlists the help of Miranda’s former students.

As the novel weaves together past and present, we come to see how Finn and Miranda’s idealism and secrets they have each sought to hide have placed them and those who trust them in peril. And when Miranda grows close to a baby who shares her captivity, it becomes clear that even freedom would not restore the simple happiness that once was hers.