CAA Shanghai: Family Consumption Evolution in China

Shanghai, China
How shifts in the way China’s families spend their money are reshaping markets around the world The lifestyle of Chinese families has changed drastically in the past ten years, especially the way of parenting. Regarding the ways of fulfilling needs, Chinese families have gradually moved from desktop to mobile. Regarding consumer behavior, the focuses of Chinese consumption have gradually shifted to knowledge, interaction, records and shopping. Regarding the consumption side, the increasing living standard of parenting demands higher-level services, such as healthcare and education. Join Allen and special guest Safwan Masri, Executive Vice-President of the University’s Global Centers and Global Development for a light lunch and an exchange of ideas about where China’s families are putting their money today and what that tells us about China’s economic future. 12:00-12:10pm Columbia Global Center Update (Safwan Masri) 12:10-12:40pm Family Consumption Evolution in China (Allen Wang interviewed by Safwan Masri) 12:40-13:30pm Free discussion Cost: 100 RMB, light lunch and beverage included Reminder: Pleaes bring your ID to check in from the lobby Please call 6170-9500 if you have any difficulty