Fintech II

London, UK
Fintech II - Institutional Re-invention: Can old dogs learn new tricks? Our previous FinTech event sold out in days - if you are interested make sure you buy your ticket NOW to avoid disappointment! Building on last month?s highly successful Fintech Series Launch,which saw plucky upstarts seeking to disrupt financial services giants, our May 30 session showcases creative initiatives on the mature and large scale. Might the empire strike back, and how? Can incumbent and large scale financial services players fight back and prevent the new kids on the block from grabbing their market? We will look at institutional re-invention from sandboxes inside big banks and the conversation will include an entrepreneur who seeks to work with the banks instead of against them. The Fintech II Panel, to be introduced by Hayley Ard (Trinity, Oxford) is: Elly Hardwick (Harvard Business School), Head of Innovation at Deutsche Bank Tom Hou (Columbia University) is Managing Partner at private equity firm EMH, a private equity tech firm Anders la Cour (Master of Laws, Denmark), is CEO of Saxo payments Tim Hanford (Stanford University Business School), is Managing Director for Europe at JC Flowers & Co and a member of the firm?s Management Committee.