Ishibashi, Kris '78BC, '82BUS

Career transitions are can be exciting, but often they come with a twist of anxiety. For those of us who invested time, energy, and hard work in a career that has been rewarded with an involuntary transition, we need to manage negative feelings as we look forward.

Kris Ishibashi works with professionally successful clients who are looking for the next chapter in their professional lives. Using a series of exercises, she works with clients to help them identify viable possibilities, and then to develop a plan for making it happen. While working on this, clients are encouraged to process feelings about their transition, so that those feelings don’t create a drag on their forward momentum.

Ishibashi is a Certified Professional Coach who has run a job search support group in New York City since 2013. The group was recently listed on Meetup under NYC Careeersearchers. She has over 25 years of leadership experience which included interviewing and hiring.

Ishibashi is also certified to give the Hogan Assessment (personality assessment) which is a valuable tool for understanding how you are perceived by others. It is especially helpful for people in leadership roles.

Although she works with a variety of clients, Ishibashi's specialty is working with introverts. As an introvert herself, she understands the challenges of "being out there" that is a necessary part of looking for work.


New York, NY
United States
Phone: 917-439-2939