Blessings and Curses

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Anne Whitehouse
School of the Arts
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Poetry. Moving between poems that reveal the curses of one's life and the blessings that are of equal and mostly of greater value, BLESSINGS AND CURSES does not shy away from either. With language that is studied and fluid Anne Whitehouse clearly knows the craft and what to do to make a poem feel right. This work is satisfying in both content and the poets craft. "BLESSINGS AND CURSES Is a candid and powerful work of beautifully observed moments that shed her visionary light on art, on friendship, on social history, on nature, on Buddhism, on writers and writing, on memory, on the fleeting and the eternal, and on God. This is a deeply satisfying journey through a poet's life and soul, shared with an intimacy that is both simple and profound"—Gina Browning, author of Roses of the Heart.