Healing Hormones

Healing Hormones: How To Turn On Natural Chemicals to Reduce Stress
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Mark J. Estren
Health and Fitness
Social Science

Worried about the nexus between stress and disease? Your know you’ve got to relax - but how? Stopping at the gym for an hour workout after work is not realistic. Prescription drugs and risk getting “hooked”? You should mediation - but how when you can’t calm down!

Authors Mark Estren, a Pulitzer-winning journalist who writes about medical and health, and self-help author, Docpotter show how emotional self-talk - like “shoulding” - sets off the “stress response” and how chronic stress can harm your health. More importantly, Estren and Potter offer a fresh, fun-filled approach to toning down stress, while having more fun.*

Healing Hormones explains how to turn on natural chemicals - such as by dancing, running, snuggling, laughing, eating chocolate - to reduce stress and improve quality of your life. Anxious about a coming encounter? Snuggle your dog, while focusing on the “experience,” right before meeting tells your brain to produce oxytocin, which soothes anxiety and facilitates socializing. No pet to snuggle? Watch a funny movie instead. Make sure to laugh hard to stimulates your body to produce natural morphine-like calming chemicals, called endorphins, and you may “ace” the encounter!

*Anticipating laughing and fun stimulates endorphin production! Go ahead: Laugh!