The Painter's Eye

The Painter's Eye
Author name: 
Amy Heebner
Teachers College

Amy L. Heebner has worked in post-secondary education and theater in the United States and Switzerland. She has studied educational theatre in England, in addition to her schooling in the U.S. and German studies in Switzerland. She is also a visual artist and videographer. She is an associate member of the Dramatists Guild of America, NYC. She continues to reside in the New York City area as of 2013. Respect for author's copyright and privacy appreciated. Other scripts by Amy L. Heebner include: "After the Ph.D" (stage play version of "Missing Data"), "A Personal History of the Artist" (short play, screenplay), "Dear Sister Teresa" (stage play, screenplay), "Missing Data" (full-length screenplay). Other works by Amy L. Heebner include other stage plays and screenplays, chapters in two edited books, research reports, and articles in educational publications. She plans to prepare other scripts and a diary for future publication.