A Dream That Vanishes

A Dream That Vanishes
Author name: 
Judith Civan
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

People have dreams which animate their lives. But are people themselves dreams perhaps? Shakespeare said so in "The Tempest": "we are the stuff dreams are made on" Follow one family of dreamers, enthusiasts of social justice, Zionism, music and literature, who escape from pogrom-ravaged Russia to the challenges of pre-World War I Turkish Palestine, and then on to the safety and prosperity of America.

Growing up in America, Leah Isaacson tries to balance her American identity with loyalty to the Zionism of her father, but her marriage to the anti-Zionist editor Pinya creates problems. The nightmare of the Hitler years changes Pinya, reconciling him to the Zionist dream. He creates a newspaper to support renascent Israel. The family joins in this effort, linking their lives to the rebirth of a dream.