Wexler, Julia Harris '83TC, '14BUS

For the past two decades, Julia Harris-Wexler has coached entry level, mid-career, and senior level executives on how to strategically manage their career transitions. She has completed and been certified by the Columbia University Advanced Coaching Intensive (Columbia Business School and Teachers College/Columbia University), in addition to spending two decades as a senior partner in the executive search industry.

Harris-Wexler has helped professionals from all industries to define their professional identity, develop a personal marketing plan, and navigate their way up the career ladder. She works directly with the heads of talent acquisition and human resource departments at top Fortune 500 companies to help them staff their human capital needs and brings this expertise to her individual coaching clients. She understands how to help individual clients navigate through the peaks and valleys of their career trajectories using her academic and coaching training, as well as her direct experience interviewing and recruiting more than 1,000 professionals.

She is certified in the Hogan HPI, MVPI, and Emotional 360 assessment measures. Harris-Wexler has been a professional speaker on various leadership and career vocation panels at the top Ivy League universities. Her forte is working individually with professionals seeking to optimize their career potential.


Westchester, NY
United States
Phone: 914-584-4966
New York, NY
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