Feldman, Debra '72NRS, '74PH

Debra Feldman, known as JobWhiz, is an international executive talent agent and job search consultant. She researches and describes the most efficient and effective job search strategy focus and develops a go-to-market plan to get you where you want to be. After expertly positioning you to maximize your value and command respect, Feldman personally arranges one-on-one meetings between you and senior management, owners, investors, and board members to supercharge your current campaign and simultaneously establish lifetime career insurance -- the inside relationships necessary for career success.

Unlike recruiters who work for and are paid by companies, Feldman is 100 percent loyal to executive candidates. By Networking Purposefully™, she is the first to discover unadvertised opportunities in the hidden job market matching your requirements (industry, location, compensation, future growth potential, etc.) which puts you in the driver’s seat. She specializes in career changers, industry switchers, and job market re-entry candidates across all industries and functional roles. For busy executives, Feldman provides outsourcing support and conducts research, prepares correspondence, follows-up on leads, etc. to execute a swift, successful search.


United States
Greenwich, CT
United States
Phone: (203) 637-3500