Removing the Bars Conference: Opening Keynote - Angela Davis

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On March 23 and 24, a day-long event titled "Removing the Bars: Take Action" will take place at Columbia University. The interdisciplinary conference will focus on the pervasive and harmful effects of incarceration and will provide an opportunity for service providers, community members, faculty, and students to collaborate on criminal justice-related issues. Criminal Justice Action Network (CJAN), a Columbia Law School student group organization, is a co-sponsor and organizer of the event. Other co-sponsors include the university's Law School, School of Social Work, School of International and Public Affairs, Mailman School of Public Health, and Teacher's College. "The goals for the REMOVING THE BARS conference are to raise awareness, foster community and strategize about how to effectuate change in our criminal justice system. We hope this will mark the start of an on-going conversation with students and faculty from the University and our surrounding community," states the CJAN.