Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee (ATNC)

Finding Tomorrow's Leaders

Since 1908, the alumni of Columbia University have been responsible for nominating six of the University’s 24 trustees. University alumni are represented by the Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee (ATNC), comprised of one representative from each school. Each representative serves a four-year term and can be re-elected once. Chairmanship of the committee, a two-year term, rotates among the schools in alphabetical order.

The ATNC meets six times each year to review candidates. Some candidates are recommended for immediate consideration, while others are tracked for future review. Each spring, the ATNC subcommittee meets with trustees to present candidates. After the trustees vet the candidates, finalists are presented to the President to make the final selection. To nominate alumni for the ATNC, contact your school's alumni association or dean.

Columbia’s Board of Trustees is a small, hands-on group overseeing the operation of a multibillion-dollar corporation; every member of the trustees must have the time, commitment, and experience to contribute significantly to that task. While specific skills may vary, candidates should possess:

  • the level of experience required to contribute meaningfully to the oversight of a complex higher educational institution, and help provide direction on the big-picture issues that the Trustees face.
  • a history of involvement with Columbia that suggests the ability to represent the alumni and their needs and perspectives.
  • skills, experiences and competencies complementary to those of the collective board.
  • insight, wisdom, and judgment.
  • the ability to work collegially and learn from others.
  • the time required to be on a working board The trustee recommendation form should also be changed with regard to the above specific skills.

To recommend a Columbia graduate for consideration, please fill out the Trustee Nomination Form and e-mail it with the candidate’s most recent résumé to