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Associations and Clubs

Columbia Alumni Association

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is a global network connecting Columbians of all Schools to one another and to the University. It links 350,000 alumni through more than 100 Regional Clubs and Shared Interest Groups, online resources, and over 200 programs around the world each year. Read the CAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Alumni Medal

The Alumni Medal, first awarded in 1933, recognizes alumni for distinguished service of 10 years or more to the University—including its schools, alumni associations, Regional Clubs, and University-wide initiatives.

Associations and Clubs

Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee

Since 1908, the alumni of Columbia University have been responsible for nominating six of the University’s 24 trustees.


Established as a means of giving the Columbia community a voice in Columbia’s operations, the Senate is the policy-making body of the University. Presided over by the President, the Senate meets monthly during the academic year to discuss issues and vote on resolutions.


If you want to give back to Columbia with your expertise, time, or thoughts, the CAA welcomes you as a volunteer, providing the best opportunities to leverage your participation for the greater Columbia community.