Cooper, Rochelle '84BC, '89TC

Rochelle Cooper is an executive coach who builds on leaders' strengths by ensuring they develop critical skills they need to meet requirements at each successive level. She has been coaching leaders and teams for over 20 years, has coached more than 1,200 senior leaders, and holds an excellent track record in empowering leaders to reach their goals by jumpstarting success in new roles, building leadership potential for advancement, or developing critical skills to master a current transition or role. Cooper assesses leadership potential and knows what matters.


New York, NY
United States
Phone: 516-538-4504

Dorsey, Audrey '85BUS

Dorsey is an executive coach who provides corporate leaders with a sounding board, facilitates deeper self-awareness of leadership style and behaviors, and helps clients to take on even greater challenges. She works with executives, newly-promoted managers, managers who are new to a company, and managers trying to figure out their next career move.


Atlanta , GA
United States
Phone: 404-259-7586
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