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Avery Library

The Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library collects books and periodicals in architecture, historic preservation, art history, painting, sculpture, phot

Bacchanal - Columbia University

Planning awesome events & concerts at Columbia. Since forever.

Barnard College

The Liberal Arts College for Women in New York City

Barnard College Library

Library serving 2000+ female undergraduates and the rest of the Columbia University community.

Barnard College Office of Admissions

Barnard College: The Liberal Arts and Sciences College For Women in New York City in Partnership with Columbia University. Have a question only a student can answer? Post here or email us at

Barnard College Office of Diversity Initiatives

The mission of the Office of Diversity Initiatives is to promote and support a campus community that embraces its pluralistic identity.

Barnard College, Columbia University '15

Class of 2015

Behavioral Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center

We aim to understand how psychological, psychosocial and behavioral factors contribute to the development and maintenance of disease and to develop treatment interventions targeting these mechanisms.

Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University

Department of Biomedical Engineering - Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Black Alumni Council